EVM Leisure’s new home

EVM Leisure is a new name to the camper van market in the UK

But we bring alot of pedigree to the sector with our long years of experience in the minibus sector specialising in the Sprinter range of vehicles. 

Our new home in Southwater West Sussex is a 10,000 square foot workshop and office building with 3000 square feet of parts storage to ensure your new campervan has the maximum level of support.

An exciting new range of Campers

Maite : a chic layout on Mercedes-Sprinter

EVM Leisure is the new camper van division of EVM UK, which has been selling minibuses and minicoach, including Mercedes Sprinters, for 10 years.  “We are very excited to bring our experience with the Sprinter to the Camper Van market”, advised Managing Director Danny Mcgee, “The Maite product is a quality conversion on the well proven Sprinter platform, and we are extremely well placed to support it.

EVM Leisure’s 4 x 4

The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 190 hp equipped with 4Matic all-wheel drive will allow you to travel the world without limits in your new camper van.

Personalize your future camper van with 4×4 equipment: all-terrain tires, snorkel, winch, bull bar, aluminum engine protection, etc.

Combining the comfort of high-end fittings and Mercedes performance, at EVM Leisure, we put excellence at your service.

Get off the beaten track and discover new horizons in your new EVM Leisure camper van!

EVM Leisure 4 x 4 Camper Van